Bell Schedules

ECE & Elementary:

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri Early Release
Breakfast 8:15-8:45 Breakfast 8:15-8:45
AM - 8:45-11:15 PM - 12:15-2:45 AM - 8:45-10:50 PM - 11:50-1:55
Mr. Lloyd's, Mrs. Caldwell's, and Mr. Hughes classes are divided into AM & PM sessions. Mr. Lloyd's, Mrs. Caldwell's, and Mr. Hughes classes are divided into AM & PM sessions.
         All ECE & elementary students have                                  lunch 11:15-12:15            All ECE & elementary students have                                lunch 10:50-11:50

Middle School and High School:


         Group A - Mon & Thurs               Group B - Tues & Fri

Early Release Appointments with Teachers
1st 9:10 10:45 95 Tutoring 9:10 11:55  
2nd 10:50 12:20 90 Lunch 11:55 12:25 30
Lunch 12:20 12:50 30 Tutoring 12:25 3:10  
3rd 12:50 2:20 90
4th 2:25 3:55 90


Group A - provided work to do at home on Tues & Fri

Group B - provided work to do at home on Mon & Thurs


The Counselor Corner

NSBSD Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements and tips to stay on track!

The Ilisaġvik College/NSBSD Dual Credit Program.

ATTENTION students! Earn high school AND college credits at the same time!

ACT & SAT Testing Information and Testing Resources

The ACT and SAT tests are vitally important for students considering educational opportunities beyond high school.

Scholarship Opportunities and Financial Aid Information

"Show Me The Money!" Discover what scholarship and financial aid opportunities are available here.


Colleges, Military, & Other Valuable Resources

Here are some more of my favorite websites you should explore!

Respond to Bullying

Things you should know, things you can do.

Suicide Awareness, Prevention, & Postvention Resources

Suicide is profoundly tragic, and preventable. This section contains valuable resources to help prevent suicide and support those impacted by suicide.


Lunch Menu


Welcome to Meade River School

Meade River School challenges learners to become critical and creative thinkers developing their academic and cultural knowledge and skills, as they become respectful, responsible, and cooperative community and global citizens.

Learning in Meade River School is rooted in the values, history and language of the Iñupiat. Students develop the academic and cultural skills and knowledge to be:

  • Critical and creative thinkers able to adapt in a changing environment and world;
  • Active, responsible, contributing members of their communities;
  • and Confident, healthy young adults, able to envision, plan and take control of their destiny.

Kuulugruam Miŋuaqtuġvia

Sapiġnaqtuat Tiŋmiaqpait Ugluat

MJ Geiser, Atanauraq


Meade River School

Home of the mighty Eagles

MJ Gieser, Principal